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Personal Information

I was born in 1978, raised in Germany and Austria and am happily married and mother of three children. As a middle child, I learned self-assertion and mediation from a young age.

So far, life has already taught me more than books could ever do, and still I keep on educating myself on new methodologies, new thinking processes. 

My motto in life is: “Once you master a skill, learn a new one!” That is why I started to learn how to play the piano in 2019. Going back to being a student every now and then helps me to stay humble, feel the pain of changing habits and to adjust my thinking. That influences my way of coaching organizations. Effort and the willingness to reflect are what count, then the outcome is a natural result.

Being a mother, happy wife and businesswoman is more than I could have ever wished for. Although my life is incredibly challenging and requires a lot of energy, I would not want to give up either one of these roles. Running for me is the energy boost that I need to keep a good mood. And my passion for delicious food is what makes me run regularly.

My present status quo is not only due to the amount of hard work I put in but also due to a quantum of luck and a safe and nurturing childhood. I am well aware that not every child is born in an environment that provides an easy start. To me children are the most fragile treasure we have, and they need our protection. Therefore a significant share of my annual revenue are dedicated to an organization that helps to protect children from an environment that is not protecting them.

This is another one of my very strong personal motivations to be and stay a successful businesswoman.

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