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the road ahead

"Strategy" is a very big word. Its origin can be translated as the "art of troop leader". And yet, to be  honest, sometimes there are strategies without a vision or the vision is so complicated that nobody can quote it by heart. And there are many reasons why this is the case in organizations. The important question to pose is: do we have a problem? If the answer is yes- let's work on it.
My approach to solving the problem is to understand the status-quo, the pain points and to offer various ways to solve it. In many cases only impulses from my side were required to enable my customers to continue on their own- in one case it was actually only a sketch on a piece of paper over a good cup of Viennese coffee.

Indeed, "Strategy" is a big word. It spans from creating a vision to actual deliverables. It can mean portfolio management, consolidation plans, annual road map or simply defining the steps that need to be accomplished to achieve the desired outcome.

Whatever strategy means for you, I am happy to discuss it over a good cup of coffee, just drop me a note.

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