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Juliana Klemm_(c)Martina Siebenhandl_11

Agile Coach

lowering the water

My agile journey started in 2007 as a Test Engineer, being taught Scrum, including all the personal challenges I faced, when I had to step out of my comfort zones. And there were many. An honest analysis is not always pleasant, speaking up, admitting failure and mastering the learning curve to become a high-performing organization consisting of high-performing teams requires courage. And yet, the reward of not only doing agile, but being agile deeply impressed me.

I am an Agilist to the bone and at the same time no zealot.

The theory can be mastered in self-studies, certificates can be obtained through exams. In addition to the theory and diplomas hanging on the wall, I offer practical advice and hands on agile coaching.
Throughout my career I worked in all three Scrum roles. Additionally, as a people manager of agile teams, as a leading Scrum Master across Europe, as an HR Business Partner for an agile IT of more than 350 employees and lead agile transformations of different company sizes.

The art of transforming an organization and to lead it to embrace the agile principles, thus creating its very own culture of dealing with challenges as part of an endless learning journey, is what drives me.

My clients appreciate my ability to analyze their status-quo and to design their future together. And I appreciate their trust

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