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Team Building

know the players

Individuals are hired most certainly because of their hard skills and ideally because their soft skills and values match those of the organization as well.
Every individual also carries their very personal backpack, it is packed with stuff from their childhood, previous jobs and experiences with other individuals.
Sometimes teams are really lucky and all their members share similar values, interests, have a similar understanding of commitment to team contribution, while being a top-notch team, also regarding their business outcome.
Sometimes this is not the case. Sometimes it requires a closer look into teams, analyzing their "system" and how the systems around them influence their work and behavior.

I strongly believe that individuals strive to give their best in their jobs. This is why I do not just want to run a team building, I want to deliver added value to the team and with it to the super-ordinate organization. For me, honesty towards and from the team is the key to success, to look at the team system with respect for the individual team members and request contribution from all members towards a team system that allows every member to give their best.
I tailor my workshops very much to my customers' needs, using various methodologies- one of my favorites includes Lego blocks.

I am curious how I can support you. If you are curious too...

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