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Juliana Klemm_(c)Martina Siebenhandl_02

Systemic Coach

new perspectives

I am a Systemic Coach. This means that I coach individuals, working out new perspectives with my coachees and helping them to find solutions to their challenges. As a good Coach would, I tailor my sessions and methodologies to the needs of the individual, my CV and broad business background makes me a perfect fit to a variety of people from different backgrounds.
I do not care to call myself an Executive Coach since hierarchies do not matter to me as a Coach. However, as my competitors do not all think alike, it seems important to at least mention that I am a Top Executive Coach as well.
Naturally, the knowledge of systemic coaching is embedded in any other of my working fields.
If you want to find out whether I am a perfect fit for you, do not hesitate to get in touch!

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